100 Things That Belong On Your Sex Bucket List

100 Things That Belong On Your Sex Bucket List

Creating a sex bucket list can be an exciting way to explore new experiences and deepen intimacy with your partner. Here are 100 ideas to consider adding to your list:

1. Have sex in a different room of your home.

Breaking away from the bedroom can bring novelty and excitement to your lovemaking. Exploring new spaces like the living room, kitchen, or even the laundry room can add a sense of adventure to your intimate encounters.

2. Experiment with role-playing scenarios.

Role-playing allows you and your partner to step into different personas and scenarios, fulfilling fantasies and exploring new dynamics. Whether it’s playing out a favorite movie scene or trying on new roles altogether, role-playing can ignite passion and creativity in your relationship.

3. Try out new positions from the Kama Sutra.

The Kama Sutra offers a vast array of sexual positions designed to maximize pleasure and intimacy. Exploring these positions can help you discover new ways to connect with your partner and experience heightened sensations.

4. Explore sensual massages with scented oils.

Sensual massages provide an opportunity to connect with your partner through touch and scent. Using fragrant oils can enhance relaxation and arousal, creating a deeply intimate experience for both partners.

5. Have a romantic picnic followed by outdoor sex.

Taking your lovemaking outdoors can be thrilling and adventurous. Whether it’s in your backyard, a secluded spot in nature, or a beach at sunset, having sex outdoors allows you to connect with each other and the natural world in a unique way.

6. Experiment with light bondage using scarves or ties.

Light bondage can add an element of excitement and trust to your sexual encounters. Using soft restraints like scarves or ties can enhance anticipation and arousal, while still allowing for comfort and safety.

7. Incorporate food into foreplay, like strawberries or chocolate.

Food can be a fun and sensual addition to your foreplay routine. Using items like strawberries, chocolate, or whipped cream can stimulate the senses and add a playful element to your intimate moments.

8. Explore a new sexual fantasy together.

Sharing and exploring fantasies with your partner can deepen intimacy and strengthen your connection. Whether it’s trying out a new role-play scenario or indulging in a long-held fantasy, exploring each other’s desires can lead to new levels of passion and excitement.

9. Try mutual masturbation while watching each other.

Mutual masturbation allows you and your partner to explore your bodies and pleasure each other simultaneously. Watching each other masturbate can be incredibly erotic and can help you learn more about what turns your partner on.

10. Have sex in the shower or bath.

Shower or bath sex can be a steamy and sensual experience. The warm water and intimate space create a relaxing and stimulating environment for lovemaking, allowing you to explore new sensations and positions.

11. Invest in a sex toy and explore its uses together.

Invest in a sex toy and explore its uses together

By purchasing a sex toy, such as a vibrator, dildo, or couples’ toy, you can explore new sensations and experiences together. Experimenting with different toys can help you discover what brings you both pleasure and add excitement to your intimate moments.

12. Try a new lubricant for enhanced sensation.

Lubricants come in various formulations, including water-based, silicone-based, and flavored options. Trying out different types of lubricants can enhance sensations, reduce discomfort, and make sex more enjoyable by adding slickness and reducing friction.

13. Experiment with temperature play using ice or warm oil.

Temperature play involves using hot or cold sensations to heighten arousal. You can try running an ice cube over your partner’s body or warming massage oils before applying them for a sensual massage. These sensations can create pleasurable tingles and add an element of surprise to your lovemaking.

14. Have sex in a hotel or vacation rental for a change of scenery.

Changing the location of your sexual encounters can reignite passion and create a sense of adventure. Booking a stay at a hotel or vacation rental allows you to escape the routine of home and indulge in romantic and intimate moments in a new environment, free from distractions.

15. Explore erotic literature or audio together.

Share erotic stories, novels, or audio recordings with your partner to ignite your imagination and stimulate arousal. Whether reading aloud to each other or listening to sensual narrations together, exploring erotic content can help you connect on a deeper level, enhance intimacy, and inspire new fantasies to explore together.

16. Schedule a sex date and make it a priority.

Designate specific time slots for intimacy with your partner, treating them as important appointments. By scheduling regular “sex dates,” you prioritize connection and ensure that physical intimacy remains a consistent and fulfilling part of your relationship.

17. Have sex in a public place (safely and discreetly).

Explore the thrill of spontaneity and exhibitionism by engaging in sexual activity in a public setting. However, it’s crucial to prioritize safety and discretion, choosing secluded locations and being mindful of potential observers to avoid any legal or personal complications.

18. Try a new type of condom for variety.

Experiment with different types of condoms beyond the standard variety, such as textured, flavored, or ultra-thin options. This exploration can add excitement and novelty to safe sex practices while enhancing pleasure and sensation for both partners.

19. Explore tantra and practice mindful lovemaking.

Delve into the principles of tantra, which emphasize the connection between mind, body, and spirit during sex. Through practices like synchronized breathing, prolonged arousal, and mindful touch, you can deepen intimacy and enhance pleasure in your sexual experiences.

20. Experiment with dirty talk to enhance arousal.

Incorporate verbal communication into your sexual encounters by trying out dirty talk. Expressing desires, fantasies, and appreciation for your partner in a playful and erotic manner can intensify arousal and intimacy, adding a new dimension to your relationship.

21. Try a new type of lingerie or sexy outfit.

Surprise your partner and ignite desire by experimenting with different types of lingerie or sexy attire. Whether it’s lace, satin, or leather, finding outfits that make you feel confident and alluring can enhance anticipation and excitement in the bedroom.

22. Have sex during a thunderstorm for added intensity.

Embrace the natural elements and create an electrifying atmosphere by engaging in passionate lovemaking during a thunderstorm. The combination of rumbling thunder, flashing lightning, and rain can intensify sensations and add an exhilarating edge to your intimate moments.

23. Experiment with edging or orgasm control.

Explore the practice of edging, where you intentionally delay orgasm to prolong arousal and heighten pleasure. By mastering techniques such as stopping and starting stimulation, you can build anticipation and intensity, leading to more satisfying climaxes.

24. Explore sensory deprivation with blindfolds or headphones.

Enhance sensory awareness and increase arousal by experimenting with sensory deprivation techniques. Using blindfolds to block vision or headphones to restrict hearing can heighten tactile sensations and focus attention on the physical pleasure of touch.

25. Have sex under the stars or in a tent while camping.

Connect with nature and each other by indulging in outdoor sex under the starry night sky or inside a cozy tent while camping. The intimacy of the setting combined with the freedom of the outdoors can create unforgettable moments of passion and adventure.

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